To: Masters (and anyone willing to help a sister/brother fandom in need)


Alright my friends, it’s the start of a new week and I know we’re all busy and stressed (it’s midterm season for me too and I know it never really slows down from here to finals T.T).
But I’d like to ask/remind you to take out a couple minutes to:

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ココナッツにゃらんの宝探しシェルキー(lemonade&coconut shake) (by luna1328)
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kpop fans please read

I know most of you don’t know this, or even know of DGNA, but they have spoken about disbanding after their latest song Rilla go. They have worked so hard for years and have hardly gained any popularity since their debut. Beside their fan base I only keep up with Shinee’s Taemin. I know many of my followers are Taemints, and I know how large and amazing this fanbase is. Please help dgna and masters. The kpop community had gotten together for many things before, please get together and help dgna stay in the industry. You can support them by watching their music video, buying their songs and albums or voting on various music programs. Other groups will have another chance to win, dgna might not.

Also a message to former masters. I know you may be seeing the negative posts from other masters. Its ok to change bias groups, everyone has the right to like whatever groups they want, I know it is horrible the way people are acting toward you but please remember it is not DGNA that is doing this. Please don’t blame dgna for the actions of a few rude masters and please remember not all masters agree with them.
Please do everything you can to help this group stay together, not as a exo, shinee, vixx or any other groups fan, but as a part of the kpop family.

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coat from Rose Wholesale
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Dress from Rose Wholesale
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Dress from Rose Wholesale
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